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出版社:齐金郦 石油工业出版社 (2010-07出版)




《HSE警示录(英文版)》主要内容:In early 2009, CNODC/CNPCI launched a Safety Moment Campaign for purpose of facilitating the share of safety knowledge and experiences among all the staff and contractors and cultivating a positive learning culture. As an initiative of this campaign, from March 2009, HSE Department of CNODC/CNPCI started to issue HSE Alert every week based on the accident and near miss reports from our companies and contractors. These Alerts received positive feedback from both line management and HSE advisors and focal points, who used them to correct their management weaknesses and train their colleagues and contractors. Meanwhile, we did witness a significant improvement of 2009 safety performance from that of 2008, which we believe partly owes to our joint efforts in promoting lessons learning and lateral application of recommendations.


Group 1  Caught In,Under or Between,Derrick Man's Hand InjuryFinger Fractured During ForkliftingMechanic's Finger InjuryFinger Lost During Container LiftingHand Injury From Unsafe PracticeDriller' s Hand Caught Between Hydraulic HookGroup 2  Cut, Puncture, ScrapeDriller's Thumb InjuryHand Injury From Poor HousekeepingInjury from Cutting Disc DamageEye Injury During Polishing OperationGroup 3  Explosions or BurnsElectric Fire Accident in CampIgnition of Flare Pit Caused Burn to a FloormanCar Fire Resulting from Overheated Phone Ch. argerFire at a Diesel Power StationTrailer Canteen FireGroup 4  Exposure:ElectrocutionElectrical Shock FatalityNomad Fatality Resulting from Electric shockGroup 5  Exposure: Noise, Pressure, Chemical,Biological,VibrationFatality from H2S PoisoningGas Leakage in Company KitchenEye Injury by ChemicalsShift Head Got Killed by Nitrogen OxideGroup 6  Falls from HeightFall Overboard Results in a FatalityFatal Accident During Pressure TestingGroup 7  Slips and Trips(at the same height)Finger Broken on StairsSlip and Trip Results in MTOFall into Recovery Pond Results in a FatalityCamels Falling into an Abandoned Mud PitGroup 8  Struck byRoustabout's Toe Struk by JointHead Protected by HardhatLeg Broken by PipePipe Falling Near MissHand, Arm and Head Injury AccidentFinger Crush AccJdemHead Injury from Physical ActivitiesDriller's Arm Knocked by Air HoseLocal Woman KiI]ed by Casing PipesBulldog Clamp Dropping Near MissGroup 9  Loss of Radioactive SourceRadioactive Source MissingGroup 10  Vehicle CrashesPick-up Accident Due to SpeedingCar Hit Due to InattentionFatigue Driving AccidentContractor Fatality Due to a Vehicle AccidentEmployee Injury in a Vehicle RolloverVehicle Accident from Overtaking in the DustOperator Caught Between a Tank Truck and a PickupGroup 11  Property Damage/Equipment FailureRupture of an Overhead Power Line by a Pipelayer CraneCPF Shutdown Due to Short Circuit ProblemConstruction Site Hit by Hurricane and HailstonesPipeline Damaged Due to Improper DiggingPipeline Ball Crane Damaged by Excavator BucketDamage of Power Line PoleDozer Falling AccidentGroup 12  Environmental PollutionFuel Station Diesel SpillGroup 13  OthersBee Sting IncidentGeologist Died in UAE DesertExtort Case in Nigeria






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