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The latest 20th Edition of Davidson's Principles & Practice of Medicine won the award for a New Edition of an Edited Textbook at the Royal Society of Medicine and Society of Authors 2007 Medical Book Awards. The award citation described the book as "Beautifully constructed with superb clarity of style - Davidson's continues to provide for students, doctors and other health professionals a sound basis for the practice of medicine."


Part 1 PRINCIPLES OF MEDICAL PRACTICE 1 Infection and immune failure 2 Drug therapy 3 Poisoning 4 Critical care 5 Oncology 6 Palliative care and pain management 7 Frail older people 8 Medical psychiatry 9 Water ,elctrolyte and acid-base imbalance 10 Nutritional,metabolic and environmental disease 11 Clinical geneticsPart 2 SYSTEM-BASED DISEASES 12 Cardiovascular disease 13 Respiratory disease 14 Kidney and genitourinary disease 15 Diabetes mellitus 16 Endocrine disease 17 Alimentary tract and pancreatic disease 18 Liver and biliary tract disease 19 Blood disorders 20 Musculolskeletal disorders 21 Skin disease 22 Neurological disease 23 AppendixPicture,box and table credits Index





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